We hire at peak seasons and we can always do with an extra pair of hand if you are motivated, hardworking, dedicated , honest, keen and willing to learn then you’ve come to the right place.



Our main farm is at AgriPlant Farms & Ranch Ltd., is to employ local resources within the community and train them up to ensure they work to our expected high standards. They are also trained on the use of our farming equipment and machineries to ensure they meet the high standards we have set on our farms. Our cropping area is vast and during peak of our season we employ high number of staff including university students on vocational training at our farms. 
Our work starts at the beginning of the raining season with planting and husbandry tasks. Crops are harvested between December and March, as most are for picking in tis period.
Working in the field can be physically and mentally hard, especially in adverse weather conditions. Many jobs involve bending and lifting so you need to be physically fit, motivated, and prepared to work hard.

Job will be offered on a seasonal basis, but it also provides the opportunity for further permanent employment if a person proves to be hard-working and reliable. We will continue to provide the required support for everyone who chooses to work at AgriPlant Farms & Ranch

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