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AgriPlant Farms & Ranch Ltd specializes in premium Catfish, Cows, Cattles, Ugwu, Plantain, and Cucumber. We are proud of our quality produce and the passion, innovation and dedication of the people that grow it.

The Freshest. Chemical-Free.

Looking after our environment is a priority. We invest in renewable energy, water conservation and protecting biodiversity. We share our crops with beneficial wildlife, and our field boundaries are sown with grass mixes to enhance the natural.

Most of our plants are grown in peat-free-substrate. We use coir – a by-product of the coconut industry. After several crops it is composted and recycled to improve soil structure on our fields ecosystem. Our crop ecosystem relies on beneficial insects which stop pests getting out of control. We encourage native species of insects like hover flies and ladybirds that eat damaging crop pests. We use friendly predators to control pests. Biocontrol also makes use of ‘good’ fungi to destroy moulds like mildew. This approach enables us to eliminate chemical sprays.


Fresh & Healthy

100% Organic



Fish welfare is our main priority. Sustainable fish handling for the aquaculture industry. Sustainable handling, processing and hashing of fish in readiness for the Nigeria industry. 

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02. Cows/Cattles

We breed and produce a  wide variety of cattles and cows at affordable prices. It is absolutely imperative for us to ensure the well-being and good treatments of our animals to ensure their good health and effective growth. 

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At AgriPlant Farms & Ranch many crop items are available to our community, state and Nigeria as a whole. We will also be looking into export operations in coming years. For now though the sustainability of our local environment is critical and our focus. 

Agriculture is a global and diverse industry. In the last two decades, the production of crops worldwide increased by over 53%, reaching a record high of 9.8 billion tons in 2020, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

In addition, agriculture is an essential factor in economic growth, accounting for 4.3% of the global GDP.

AgriPlant Farms & Ranch Ltd.

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