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At AgriPlant Farms you can solve your complex farming needs, satisfy your farming requirements and get access to our products and services by just dropping us an email or giving us a call.

Increase and improve your farming activities, profits and enjoy high quality service and produce, be it crops or livestock, we got you covered.

Our Produce

Ugwu is known as the Fluted Pumpkin. It is a vine plant that is native to West Africa and quite popular and heavily consumed in many parts of Nigeria.

Cucumbers are scientifically known as Cucumis Sativus. Pickling, slicing and seedless are varieties of cucumber.

Nigeria is among the largest banana producing countries in Africa providing about 2.73 million tonnes of banana per year. Also, it is the largest plantain producing country in West Africa. At AgriPlant Farms our plantains and bananas are extremely nutritious constituting a major part of our daily meal in Nigeria. 





AgriPlant Farms & Ranch is the fastest growing Agri business in Abeokuta, Ogun State. We engage in sustainable farming of essential livestock and crop produce using high tech farming technology to maximise the value of our farming products. We pride ourselves in the provision of high quality customer service coupled with excellent produce equalling full customer satisfaction.      


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Fish growth rate and yields from fish ponds can greatly increase through emphasizing adequate management techniques, steps and procedures that would enhance maximum productivity. Understanding these factors vastly contribute to the success of our fish farm and indeed any fish farm in Nigeria. 

There are three types of cattle breeds. They are Beef, Dairy and Dual Purpose cattle breeds. Beef cattle are raised or bred mainly for meet. Dairy cattle are raised and bred mainly for milk production and Dual Purpose castles are raised and bred for both beef nd milk production.


Our Story

New, authentic, original, sustainable and reliable

We pride ourselves for our authenticity, sustainability, originality and reliability. 

AgriPlant Farms & Ranch was founded in January 2021 by our UK based owner and CEO Anthony Adeloye at the height of the COVID 19 pandemic. As a self-made entrepreneur Anthony’s aim among others is sustainability and reliability which he observes is lacking in many aspects of the agricultural sector in Nigeria. “Not only do we want to do things differently and better we also want to provide growth for our immediate environment and enabling the local community to flourish.”

AgriPlant Farms & Ranch is a privately owned and privately funded agri-business for the local community. We pride our self in what we do and how we do it. We serve our local community, not the other way round. We provide to our community through our modern farming practices.

We aim beyond profit maximisation but growth within the local community and provide the public with affordable pricing yet raising standards and keeping them high through the use of modern technology in our farming production cycle. 

Our farm is unique in many aspects as we focus our attention on not just crop or just livestock but both. Our farm although small in size but big in ideas consists of a mere 23 acres compared to many other farms around the country. We provide a variety of organic farm produce and services that cater for many aspects of the agricultural market fulfilling the need of the local community.

Our short-term aim is to our local community by providing the sustainability it needs to grow and flourish. Our mid-term to long term aim is to propagate our business model across the nation and doing our bit for the country.

Feeding a Brighter Future!


Our farms are free of any chemicals

Fresh & Healthy

All our produce are fresh and healthy

100% Organic

Nothing but organic and high nutrition

Our Farm

The Home For Our Farm.
Natural. Sustainable.

Our farm uses the latest farming technology and procedures to maximize farming efficiency and modern farming processes. As we believe in continuous improvements we invest in our people and thus train our staff to use and maintain our farm technologies the right way which enhances their knowhow and experience.


What People Say
About Us

The farm is far to get to but I don't really mind that. The quality of produce at this farm is great and the quality is such that the distance does not matter if you are in search of good quality farm products.
Funmi Oladele
I can't wait to see how AgriPlant farms is going to develop in the coming months and years. This is really exciting and the future looks bright for our community.
Musa Bello
I'm really looking forward to see how AgriPlant farms is going to develop and how much it will do for our community. It is long overdue in this area and I'm unable to contain my excitement.
Dipo Jamiu

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