Our Farm

We believe in high quality produce and services.  Our farm is chemical-free and nourished with organic fertilizers for all our organic produce.

We Have One Goal

To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Organic Produce, Livestock & Services.

Our soil is rich in natural nutrients which improves the quality of our produce compared to many other farm locations in the country. 

Our goal is to provide fresh organic produce to all our customers with the aim of maximum customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is key to everything we do. Without our customers and their positive feedbacks there is no business and the opportunity for us to provide quality service to our community becomes limited.


Our customer’s happiness is key to progress and expansion, and at AgriPlant Farms & Ranch we ensure our customer needs are central to our plans and strategies. 


As we consider the roles of trypanotolerant livestock in trypanosomiasis control and Nigeria livestock development it is important that we consider the requirements, needs and views of our customers and community as a whole in ensuring what we produce meets market expectations in price and quality. 


Our Discovery

Nigeria has a long history in farming and agriculture is the backbone of it’s economy. We have discovered that two-thirds of the labour force are farmers one way or another, however, traditional techniques and outdated tools can be a major hindrance in their success. This has led to poor quality produce and yields.

This should not be allowed to continue because at AgriPlant farms & Ranch we will be looking to provide services to local farmers through training thus ensuring they can maximize their potential and add to the support and growth of the community by farming the right way, following correct procedures and implementing modern techniques to maximize growth and provide quality produce to their customers and ensuring customer satisfaction.

.We have also discovered that access to land is a major hurdle for farmers in Nigeria, therefore, it is important to maximize yields. As part of our future service provision within the community we will use part of our farm as test plots of land where our expert of agricultural volunteers will show farmers how to adopt different techniques to work more efficiently and ultimately improve their crop yield. By seeing practical examples farmers will discover first hand practical examples how to develop and improve their own plots.

Our Mission

Our mission is feeding a brighter future and implementing modern day farming techniques with a view to providing quality produce and excellent customer service. Unlike our competitors we are not driven my profit maximization but by maximizing our efforts in our drive to deliver  customer satisfaction through continuous delivery of quality.

We couple quality with process and procedures. The 2 cannot be mutually exclusive. Why? Well because you cannot have quality in what you do and not be able to show it in what you produce on your farm. This has to be a key realization for all farmers. 

We Are Growing Our Farms

We grow our farms through effective use of modern techniques and technology. We build quality into our produce to ensure our customers keep coming back for more. Our catfish and other livestock are provided with modern day organic treatments to ensure they do not fall ill due to lack of adequate treatment and medication. Our crops are treated with only organic nutritious compost, leaf mould and green manures.

We do not cut corners in our processes and procedures and let nature take its course with all our produce. This enables our farm to be fully equipped with all that it needs to ensure natural growth for long-term sustainability.

Anthony Adeloye

Founder, CEO

The AgriPlant Farms & Ranch Team


Matthew is our farm general manager who is responsible for all aspects of daily farm operational activities


Alex looks after our livestock and provide training and mentoring of staff


Benard is responsible for all crop related management on our farm

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